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here at Shavemac you will find everything you need for a smooth and perfect wet shave. Either shaving brushes with Pure Badger or shaving brushes with Silvertip Badger of the extra class D01 in two and three band versions.

You need a Razor too? Chose between classical Safety Razors or modern Gillette compatible Cartridge Razors.

To keep a perfect order in your bathroom, we recommend a Shaving Set or a Shaving Stand. The Stands and Sets are always available in the same color as the brushes and razors.
We want offer you most flexibility and individualism that you can find in our section of  Shave Set Configurator. Chose your preferred Shaving brush- Safety Razor, -Straight razor, - Shaving Stand with or without Soap bowl in many colors.

If you wish to make your shaving brush unique let us engrave it for your. Either the name or the initials can be engraved on most of our products.

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some of you had asked for a Silvertip2-Band knot with the specification and softness of our standard Silvertip. Here it is.
We have tested some prototypes the last months and the feed back encourages us to complete or range of badger types.

Now it is completed.

Silvertip and Silvertip 2-Band <==> Extra Silvertip D01 and Extra Silvertip D01 2-Band

Find them here at "our gently"

Our colorfully shaving brush handles.

Shave Brush, Safety Razor, Straight Razor and Stand fast and easy individually selected.


For our expert customer - the extreme shaving brush selection !!!

... and even more. The knot selection to build your own shaving brush by yourself.

Shaving brushes with real Horn Handles

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New! Shaving Scuttle with top and water rese...

scuttle_500_1 3. September 2012 - The outer cavity of the Scuttle is designed to hold hot water, the internal bowl is for lathering. Once a lather has been produced wait a few minutes for the hot water jacket to take effect. Voila!... Continue reading →