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shavemac - your expert for handmade shaving brushes.

For over 20 years we have been manufacturing shaving brushes in Germany. A traditional craft that we live with enthusiasm. We would like to convince you with our high quality handmade products for the wet shave. Therefore quality and individuality are our top priorities.

In our shop you will find a rich selection of very different badger hair shaving brushes.
From the badger type "Pure Badger" to the famous "Silvertip Badger" we carry a rich assortment.
As a manufacturer, we are able to meet the specific needs of the man.
  • Men have small hands, big hands,
  • strong beard growth, slight beard growth,
  • like soft shaving brushes or shaving brushes with a lot of backbone and massage effect
  • ... and many more features.
In our shaving brush Configurator you can adjust all the parameters yourself
and let us manufacture the perfect shaving brush for you.

You do not know exactly what requirements you have for a shaving brush?
Then contact us by e-mail  and I will be happy to advise you.

Alternatively you can buy from our prefabricated range of silvertip badger shaving brushes. We have put together an appealing collection for you and set parameters that make shaving brushes the "good middle". Extreme properties were avoided.

Yours Bernd Blos - shavemac

Shavemac Specials!

Shaving brush engraving or the long looking for a personalized unique men's gift.
We engrave your text / name on our shaving brush handles and make this an individual men's gift with a special touch. Whether birthday, father's day or Christmas we men like such personal loving gifts. Order the engraving directly from the product.

Shaving brush repair.
You want to refresh your usual and familiar shaving brush with new badger hair? All badger types such as pure badger, finest badger and silver tip badger are available to give your favorite shaving brush new life again. Continue reading...

Why a Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush belongs to a perfect shave.

More and more men are telling that they are shaving wet but not using a shaving brush.
The use of ready-made shaving cream from the can seduces men to stop practicing careful shaving preparation.
But as you surely know from old movies... read more

Attractive shaving sets are individual men's gifts with a personal character. In addition, shaving kits also have great practical value. All necessary parts for wet shaving, such as soap dish, silvertip shaving brush and razor are always...  Read more...