Shaving Sets

When soap dish, badger shaving brush and the wet shaver get their place!

Shaving set are beautiful, individual and practical men's gifts!

Attractive shaving sets are individual men's gifts with a personal character. In addition, shaving kits also have great practical value. All necessary parts for wet shaving, such as soap dish, silvertip shaving brush and razor are always at hand and deposited in a fixed location. The soap dishes can be taken out of their holders and then easily create the required shaving leather with the silvertip badger hair shaving brush. The perfect preparation of the skin for wet shaving is done by the massaging and stimulating soaping with the badger hair shaving brush. After shaving, the shaving brush and razor will find the optimum way for storage in the shaving kit. The shaving brush is hung upside down and the shaver can dry quickly due to the free position of the blade head. A shaving kit is therefore not only a visually beautiful accessory in your bathroom, it is also a practical add to daily classic wet shaving with shaving soap, silvertip shaving brush and a sharp blade.

The hair quality of our shaving sets are selectable. You can choose between the badger quality Pure, finest, silvertip or silvertip 2-band. More information about the characteristics and differences of badger hair qualities can be found here.


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