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The various grades of badger hair

Every practice has its perfect tool, so does the shave. In practice, boar bristles, hog´s bristles and badger bristles are the common hair for a shaving brush. In addition, there are also synthetic bristles. Badger hair shaving brushes, however, display the best and most comfortable features. Badger hair is very soft, flexible and gives a very comfortable feel on the skin. It is able to retain plenty of water needed yet remains firm and flexible when wet. In addition, badger hair shaving brushes create, in combination with a good shaving soap, an outstandingly creamy and dense lather. Furthermore, a badger hair shaving brush is distinguished by its durability. Shavemac uses only the best quality of pure badger hair. The hair of our shaving brush has always its natural tips, which - still intact -add to a longer durability. The hair tips are not trimmed.

We use only genuine badger hair in best quality. The hair of our shaving brush has always its natural tips, which - still intact -add to a longer durability. The hair tips are not trimmed.


Pure badger hair has a color pattern of dark gray and is very sturdy. It is ideal for people who favor a good massage effect. At the same time, it offers a reasonably prized opportunity to start with a premium quality shaving brush.



The quality of fine badger hair is nearly as good as that of the silvertip badger hair. It combines a gentle and comfortable shave with an excellent price-performance ratio.



Silvertip badger hair is extremely soft and it features its distinctive and unique color pattern: a slightly silver shimmering color with a dark band. Also its high durability makes it so special.


Silvertip D01

This silvertip shaving brush is made of extra robust hair and is densely packed. Thus the form of the brush stays very compact and keeps in shape.


2-Band Bager hair

In contrast to the usually 3-band hair, consisting of light-dark-light sections, the 2-band shaving brush has only silver shimmering tips and a long dark section down to the handle. To achieve this effect, you need specially long badger hair as only these do have the appropriate long sections. These long hair are in addition very dense and firm creating a uniquely sturdy shaving brush.

As most of the badger hair parts are lost - the end of the badger hair and not the tip is trimmed to its final length - more weight in hair is needed.Therefore this brush is more expensive. Furthermore, these long hair are very rare and are not always available. There are Silvertip 2-Band and Silvertip D01 2-Band.


Silvertip 2-Band

The Silvertip 2-Band is very gentle, but also has a great strength. The noticeably high quality and the high durability make the Silvertip 2 band so special.


Silvertip D01 2-Band

Silvertip D01 2-band has the highest strength and density. Thus the form of the shaving brush stays very compact and keeps in shape.


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