Shaving brush manufacturing

The production of the original shavemac shaving brush head requires manual skills, abundant experience , high quality materials and the right tools . This includes a high-quality badger hair, a tie cord, a bit precious resin, a precision balance and  a forming block for contouring. The Production takes place in four steps.

Step 1: Measurement of the badger hair

The diameter and the weight of the materials for the brush head required are initially determined through the borehole of the brush handle. For example, approximately 14 grams of badger hair are needed for a 21 mm diameter. The badger hair required is weighed using precision scales with weights upwards of 0.1 g. Incidentally, one gram of badger hair is made up of approximately 1000 hairs.

Step 2: Profiling of the shaving brush hair

The “forming block” has an internal contour that gives the brush head its shape. For this purpose the badger hair bundle is placed tip-first into the “forming block” and carefully “tapped” until the desired profile is accomplished. In the end the bundle of hairs is tied with thread and gets glued.

Step 3: “plucking” the shaving brush

The artisan handwork of the brush maker shows in the “plucking”. The unevenness is then corrected by hand in the course of the surrounding dark design. In the brush makers lingo this is called the “plucking”. This is how the finished shaving brush head gets its symmetrical profile with the design running consistently in parallel.

Step 4: Insert shaving brush head in handle

The last step is to insert the shaving brush head into the handle. Before this, the quality of the shaving brush head gets checked again.