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Of all male beauty rituals, the shave is the most original one and is in its professional execution a real myth. Barbers celebrated the shaving with professional massages, hot towels and selected oils.
Professional grooming is an essential part in the every day life of modern man. Its an art of living that represents self-confidence as well as satisfaction.

Shavemac offers simply the best for your daily shaving ritual - for your whole life. For this reason, we work exclusively with premium quality materials, of which we use raw materials like fine wood or badger hair with the utmost care. In combination with the best materials and our passion for detail, it is our wish and daily goal to almost perfectly craft each single product for you, in fact in accordance to your particular wishes, so as to please and delight you for a long time.

Our main focus for long-term, satisfactory customer relations is a listening ear for either wishes or criticism, a competent customer advisory service and customer care as well as a fair complaints processing.

You can count on Shavemac: We grant you further purchase as well as repairs over a long period of time and that we take care of your requests to your entire satisfaction.

On Razor portal, we offer you useful tips, and on BLOG there is news on nothing but shaving.

In our shop, you have the opportunity to arrange all those products which are a must for man´s every day grooming with one click . Draw on unlimited resources while arranging customized shaving set. Everything is at your disposal: badger hair grades, handle forms, shaving stands, safety razors as well as straight razors in various colors. For YOUR individual Shavemac set.

Should the quality of our shaving products meet your fullest expectations, let your friends, husbands or daddies also enjoy them. Give someone a gift - the very best for the daily shave - engraved with an individual inscription, for example for his birthday, for the wedding, for Father´s day of just for fun. We provide you with professional advice. Contact