Shaving Brush Configurator

Create your own individual shaving brush, perfectly fitting to your personal preferences and needs. Choose the shape and color of the handle, the size and shape of the brush knot and the quality and length of the brush hairs. You can also engrave your shaving brush individually. More information about the characteristics and differences of badger hair types can be found here.

Basic price:   47,00

Choose your handle shape:

87 Vergrößern
89 Vergrößern
82 Vergrößern
84 Vergrößern
86 Vergrößern
4318 Vergrößern
4071 Vergrößern
25 Vergrößern
142 Vergrößern
167 Vergrößern
173 Vergrößern
386 Vergrößern

Special handle shape:

Choose your handle color:

Jade Vergrößern
Butterscotch Vergrößern
Ivory Imitation Vergrößern
Ivory Imitation
Black Vergrößern
Tortoise Vergrößern
Horn Imitation Vergrößern
Horn Imitation
Brown Black Vergrößern
Brown Black
Brown - Beige Vergrößern
Brown - Beige
Blue Marble Vergrößern
Blue Marble
Red Coral Vergrößern
Red Coral
Tiger Vergrößern
Red Dragon Vergrößern
Red Dragon

Special Color:

You can chose a color from Special Colors
Please note : Max knot size for sepcial colors is 26 mm

Choose your knot shape:

Bulb ShapeVergrößern
Bulb Shape
Fan ShapeVergrößern
Fan Shape
Flat ShapedVergrößern
Flat Shaped

Choose the hair quality:

Pure BadgerVergrößern
Pure Badger
Finest BadgerVergrößern
Finest Badger
Silvertip 2-BandVergrößern
Silvertip 2-Band
Silvertip D01Vergrößern
Silvertip D01
Silvertip D01 2-BandVergrößern
Silvertip D01 2-Band

Choose the size of the knot (mm):

18 mm18
20 mm20
21 mm21
22 mm22
23 mm23
24 mm24
25 mm25
26 mm26
28 mm28
30 mm30

Choose the hair length (mm): The length of the hairs ( loft) means the visible length when the knot is installed in the handle.

40 mm40
42 mm42
44 mm44
46 mm46
48 mm48
50 mm50
52 mm52
54 mm54
56 mm56
58 mm58
60 mm60
62 mm62
64 mm64
66 mm66
68 mm68

Sub-total of your current choice:  

Choose the logo options:

Logo on outsideLogo on outside
Logo on bottomLogo on bottom
No logoNo logo

Logo readable:

Brush standsBrush stands
Brush hangsBrush hangs

Do you want to engrave your brush individually?


Your choice:

Shape:  87
Color:  Jade
Knot Shape:  Bulb Shape
Quality and Size:  18 mm Pure Badger
Hair length ( Loft):  48 mm
Shavemac logo:  Logo on outside
Readable when:  Brush stands

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Total price incl. options:   47,00

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Attention please!

The shaving brushes are made to your specifications and are not stock items. A production time of 10 to 14 days is therefore necessary. If you need the order faster please let us know.