Tips for a perfect shave

Tipps für viele Jahre Rasiergenuss
The photo on this page was made by our customer:
Max Sprecher ~ Madaspen Productions
The perfect shave is a pleasurable ritual

You need a good shaving soap or shaving cream, lots of warm water, a sharp razor blade or a razor, a shaving brush (badger hair if possible) and a little time.

It is advisable to moisten the facial skin well with warm water before lathering up.

Anyone who likes things done quite professionally applies a hand towel that was previously dipped in hot water and wrung out. As a result the pores open and allow the active ingredients in the shaving soap to penetrate the skin. What is more a rising effect is achieved as a result of which the stubble is literally pushed outwards and in turn a very smooth and deep shave is made possible.

Production and application of the shaving lather.

The shaving brush should be wetted well with warm water for the lathering and lots of foam should be produced before application onto the skin of the face. An exceptional amount of foam can be generated with a large badger hair shaving brush.

The shaving lather is applied in about 2 minutes using circular or sweeping movements. Avoid heavily pressing the brush onto the skin because this would lead to premature depletion of the badger hair.

Always make sure that the shaving brush is wetted well when lathering up. The shaving foam collapses when there isn’t enough water and prevents the stubble from softening.

The beard can then be removed with a sharp razor blade or a razor – without reddening or burning the skin.

The supple finish.

After shaving we recommend removing the remaining residue of the shaving foam with warm water and to then moisten the facial skin with cold water to close the pores. This is also refreshing and prevents excessive burning of the skin with the use of an aftershave.