Why a Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush belongs to a perfect shave.

More and more men are telling that they are shaving wet but not using a shaving brush.
The use of ready-made shaving cream from the can seduces men to stop practicing careful shaving preparation.

But as you surely know from old movies, when the barber covered the customer's face with a white, warm compress. Heat, moisture and some time are needed for the good preparation of facial skin and whiskers. Heat relaxes the skin and lets the whiskers out of the hair channels. So they can be cut off even shorter later which brings a lasting shaving result.
The moisture makes the whiskers soften and makes them supple which makes the later cut much easier.
A good shaving soap / cream and a good badger hair shaving brush are essential for the perfect preparation. Shaving soap / cream should foam easily and have a high PH value. To create the foam and apply the badger shaving brush is particularly suitable. Badger hair is dimensionally stable even when wet and can absorb moisture well and release it on the skin. This creates a closed foam cover on the face that can store heat and moisture well until the hair is cut.

The advantages of the silvertip badger hair shaving brush

1. Generates creamy soap from shaving soap or shaving cream
2. stores moisture
3. stores heat
4. massages the facial skin
5. removes dead skin cells
6. Erects bent over beard hairs that tend to grow in
7. removes sebum layer of whiskers
8. makes the preparation of the shave gentle and pleasant
9. helps to relax the skin

Therefore, take time for the thorough preparation of wet shaving. Your skin and the result of the shave will be worth it.